Red and white acrylic fish painting


white fish artwork acrylic

“The Playful One” 9 x 12 acrylic on canvas_2004

by Robert Conway

This red and white fish in the painting was quite an entertainer. When my wife and I used to go hang out at the bench by the pond at night, this little fellow used to put on quite a show for us. He would swim around the koi pond very fast, doing these crazy figure eights and when he passed by us he would flick his tail, giving us a little spritz. The others would make their appearances silently, gradually revealing themselves from the the shadowy depths just to see what we were up to. One creature who never liked to show himself was this huge frog that I named Goliath. I have only seen this creature about five times and only very briefly. Every time I went out to the fish pond at night I would here this load splash, like someone threw a brick in the water. It appears that he too liked to hang out at the bench and when we showed up he would take this six foot leap back into the pond. The only times I could manage to get a look at him was when I had been out there for a while and my would eyes adjust to the dark. He would be hiding among the rocks motionless, staring, just pretending he was just another rock.

May 8, 2014


13 thoughts on “Red and white acrylic fish painting

    • I got that frame on ebay, it was this guy who used to make barn wood frames, I bought a few of them, I think the last time I emailed the guy ten years ago he ran out of barn wood.

      • Ill have to check around for some barn wood… I’m wanting to frame, mat and finish my artwork myself… so many possibilities… I think that is what I love most about art; if we will just allow our creativity to flow freely, ( though it can be difficult at times) we will often be amazed at all we can create and accomplish 🙂
        Thank you for sharing.

  1. It’s funny to me…when we go to an aquarium we spend so much time looking at the fish. But if we stop and look, they are just as curious, just as busy checking us out!

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