Impressionistic painting of Hoboken Train Station off to a good start

artwork of train terminal

by Robert Conway

Well I am off to the races on this train station painting that I finally started like two weeks ago and I am pretty sure it is half way finished, which never happens to me, usually a painting takes me an extremely long time to complete, its like writing a freaking opera. The difference with this new work is that it is in a more impressionistic style so I do not have to worry about doing all that detailing that always bogs me down. This has been a bit of a revelation, I am going to do more paintings in this style from now on because just sticking to the realism is a long drawn out journey and this will help me get more works complete for my next show.

The one draw back is with this work is the fact that I am just not that into it, even though I think it looks nice and all but I usually like to paint subjects that are alive for some reason that really gets me going so hopefully I can finish this one off and carry one from there. The other thing I have been noticing with my work over the past year is that they all have been close to monochromatic and I have really been jonesing to paint something with bold, vivid colors, I need to find a new project soon that is going to get me excited to paint again.

May 2, 2014

56 thoughts on “Impressionistic painting of Hoboken Train Station off to a good start

  1. Robert, I absolutely love this! That color for the light is amazing! I can’t wait to see what else you do. I have also been thinking of doing some impressionistic stuff again, because it is a little faster. I am going to be putting up a booth at an art walk in town in a few weeks – my first time – so I need to paint more things quickly over the next couple of weeks, too! Keep it up! It’s great!! 🙂

      • Thanks, Robert. I haven’t ever tried it either. I am not looking forward to sitting around all day, but my daughter and husband are going to work shifts with me or I will pack up early. I have no idea what kind of chairs she has. I can’t sit too long in something that isn’t supporting my back well. 😉

  2. There is a haunting quality to this painting. It is really wonderful! I understand the need for vivid colors. I get like that too! But there is a magic about this monochromatic palette that you do so well.

    • well thank you, I guess it is the sombre mood of the painting is what is making me debbie downer. I am so glad a lot of people like it, from all the encouragement I am getting I am a lot more into it.

  3. Reblogged this on kentmcdanielwrites and commented:
    It’s interesting that an artist (or writer) can be inspired to create a work and then produce something good and still find him or herself not that into it halfway through and feeling like now they’re just trying to get the thing done . It seems like the excitement ought to just mount.

    But been there, done that.

  4. The monochromatic style really conjures memories of waiting at stations in the late summer sun … beautiful!

  5. This is a great start, a lot of atmosphere. I know what you mean, we want to feel excited about our projects and for us realistic painters, we often need that detailing to get lost in our work. It’s great to try new things though

  6. Sometimes the underpainting which seems to where you are, the yellow tone earth color looks so good one does not want to finish it. I set them aside to dry for at least a week then get back to it maybe finish it or not depends on what else I am working on at the time. Sometimes it could be fun to see a time lapsed error changing of ones work, but I seem to prefer to keep my errors to myself, unless what I feel is finished is an error.
    Looks like a nice work, reminds me of Monet’s train station, without the smoke. Thanks for sharing, it inspires me to get back into oils and quit fooling around with mixed media.

    • glad I could help, yep I have been doing a lot of thinking about Monet while painting this one. The fun thing is that I took the photo of this scene through a wall of dirty plexiglass and it kind of diffused everything just a little bit for a really nice affect.

  7. My complements…it seems you are doing plen air, I prefer the sanity of my studio with all the comforts it provides, like music and Tequila and all my materials, not necessarily in that order.

  8. I agree with everyone here that this is amazing even at this stage. It’s almost as if the Sun IS the train coming around the corner. I say don’t give up on the impressionism, something may click as you work at it. I love Realism too but it can be a rut sometimes.

  9. This feels strongly nostalgic to me. It’s like it’s the end of a day of work and you feel like of like slipping off into rest. I like how atmospheric it is.

    • nice well the picture was taken after a long day trip to the Central Park Zoo in the summer. Also it is a picture of Hoboken where I had lived for ten years so it is very nostalgic for me.

  10. this piece is coming out great! you really captured the natural light and shadows. Very creative!!

  11. Hey Robert,

    Commuted into Hoboken on my way to lower Manhattan for 20 years. You captured the place. Only missing trains and a million commuters : )

    I like your new work. It is realism with a greater sense of expression.

    Understand your desire to do more colorful painting. Color is elemental to painting, I think.


  12. Love this one Robert! tell me how you paint impressionism. I can’t seem to figure out how to do so. Being a former retoucher myself, (By hand, not digital) I can’t paint anything other than tightly and I soooo want to paint loosely! 🙂
    Can’t wait to see this one finished.

  13. Haven’t read everyone’s comments, but for me, the aliveness is in the sunlight. Seems like a very restful and meditative painting to spend time with. Perhaps just not as frisky as your white and red koi!

  14. Sorry Robert I haven’t been here in a while…have been here as much neither..but as usual, your work is as lovely as can be. I see that you are painting wood…I love to make things out of wood..your painting is super..I love that one to..

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