Koi Painting: The Mind Brothers

orange koi fish swimming in garden pond

“The Mind Brothers” _ oil painting on canvas _ 24″ x 8″ 2004

by Robert Conway

This oil painting, titled “The Mind Brothers” is from an art show I had named “The Garden of Christopher Noble”. I can’t resist naming my paintings from obscure science fiction references, so the title of this painting comes from a tripped-out, futuristic spy thriller from 1967 by author Peter Heath. I also wanted to refer to something cerebral in this piece, that was my theme, like ideas ever-flowing like they were water. Yep, a little out there I know, I may have been partying a little bit during this stretch, natch.

I did not have to do any photo manipulation or Adobe Photoshop tricks on this artwork which I am particularly proud of, it was just one straight shot I got on my digital camera one a beautiful morning in my backyard while sitting on the bench by my water garden. This image is of our favorite butterfly koi named ‘Solomon” and his pool mate affectionately referred to as ‘The Big Orange One”.

I have painted two versions of this painted artwork, one in done in acrylic and one in done in oils and sold both of them, I have been itching to paint another one except this time twice as big, maybe I will break out some of my Japanese bamboo painting brushes which I have stashed away for just a special occasion.

May 30, 2014


4 thoughts on “Koi Painting: The Mind Brothers

  1. Did you like the results from acrylic or oils better? I paint almost exclusively in acrylics, but have been thinking about breaking out the oils again to do a similar comparison. Great painting.

    • thank you, yes I like acrylics for a few reasons, easy clean up being number one, but also I like the quick drying acrylics have this means that I can lean my hand against the canvas as I paint giving me better brush control. I love oils too, I think you get richer, deeper colors with oils.

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