The first painting: ‘Solomon and Platinum’

two koi fish swimming painting

by Robert Conway

Here is an oldie. Actually it is my first painting from late 2001 I remember that specifically because I really started to paint because I wanted to get my mind off thinking about 911, I needed a diversion. You see we lived right across the river from that even and we all had ringside seats there in the Mile Square City also known as Hoboken NJ. Needless to say we were all going bonkers living so close to that smoldering crater and this seemed like the best way to get my mind off things.

Funny to see how my style has evolved from this early start this painting looks like primitive cave art to me now or maybe some type of naive American folk art, yes indeed. The two fish in this acrylic painting, were my two favorite pets from that time, you could say muses, their names were Solomon (orange butterfly koi) and Platinum (white koi fish) and they ended up in countless paintings of mine from this time. I really do like this painting and I keep fighting off the urge to go fix it, well specifically I want to go repaint the white fish which I don’t think I really captured in my first try. perhaps someday.

April 24, 2014


28 thoughts on “The first painting: ‘Solomon and Platinum’

  1. I think it’s good to keep our beginning paintings intact and as is. Sure you could fix it, but then it wouldn’t be your first painting. I’d be interested to see you paint the same design elements in a new painting and compare the two to see how far you’ve come.

  2. Wow, for your first painting, it’s awesome!! I like it very much. Used to have a pond myself….so relaxing!

      • Yes. I had pond comets. Always wanted koi fish but it was hard to find where to buy them. I always made time to sit by the pond everyday in nice weather.

  3. Hi Bob, I just nominated you for the love and kindness award. please pick up your award at my sherri of palm springs
    love your paintiing..the kindness is how you are always helpful to us with your beautiful paintings and it

  4. It’s a good painting. You should definitely keep it as is. Sometimes we misjudge our own works. This past summer, at my gallery, I decided to put out some of my early works, acrylic on paper, and they sold very well. “Really?” I thought.

  5. Oh I hope you don’t change it. The whispery vague quality of it is what I like most. It is like a misty morning view of a pond. I am sorry for the circumstances that sparked your creative vein for this piece though. It must have been frustrating and heart wrenching to see.

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