Digital Illustration of New York Travel Poster nearly finished

graphic art new york manhattan

this one still needs a little work

Well, here we go, I haven’t done any graphic design in years. This is a little digital illustration I made in Photoshop from one of the shots I took on my way to work in Manhattan, I think I am going to upload it to Fine Art America when I am finished. Now for years I have been thinking about starting a painting of some of the local architecture but I could just never pull the trigger on that one because I came to the conclusion recently that I only enjoy painting subjects that are alive. Yep the way I figure is that straight lines are just no fun for me to paint, I just can’t get excited about it, I might as well do this type of “commuter’ art in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop it just makes more sense to do it that way. This type of artwork I am finding out is a good diversion for the more kind of ethereal stuff I do in my paintings, the two balance each other out nicely. Also it is taking me hardly anytime to do and you know how I really appreciate that. Anyhow I hope you enjoy, thanks.

April 14, 2014


11 thoughts on “Digital Illustration of New York Travel Poster nearly finished

  1. I really like this, Robert, although I’m not normally a fan of streetscapes as such. But you’ve actually given light and a subtle ethereal quality to the buildings which makes them less earth-bound, if that makes sense.

  2. Robert, this gorgeous, you do wonderful work. I mean I love buildings and the way you did this with the softness, I love it, but I do love all your work. but understand were coming from..just do what you feel , I guess..
    Thank you so for your likes

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