Acrylic Painting in Progress: tree branch with fresh snow

snow branch winter painting

this painting is starting to grow on me

By Robert Conway

Well wasn’t I just saying in my last post I don’t paint winter scenes in winter because it was double depressing? I guess I do now, I am finding that breaking long standing rules is kind of fun and as an evolving artist you have to be tweaking the way you go about things all the time in order to keep your noble craft of painting interesting and entertaining. The latest thing I have been doing is taking a lot pictures with my new iphone on my daily commute into Manhattan to find new images for my paintings because this is the only time I can find any interesting subject matter now that I don’t have the koi pond anymore and I work all the time. In one of my previous posts I was babbling on about what is going on in your life runs parallel with what is going on with your life? well baby it has been snow, snow, snow for quite a while now and that is what you are going to get. I like that it was still snowing when I took the shot, fresh snow is the best snow to paint and I am looking forward to getting the texture of the snow just right as it sits on the branches. There was a traffic light that was lit red near this branch and I love the way the color reflects off the snow, and of course I had to enhance these highlights in photoshop for a little for just the right effect.

The most important thing about this artwork is that it is coming along quickly. You know how I am always going on about how slow I am, but in this case I am just whipping through it with careless abandon, I am not worrying at all because this is not one of my ‘major’ works so the pressure is off. I am just going to have a little fun until my next project. And since I don’t have any clear vision on how the end result is going to look like, I have a lot of more leeway, maybe that has been my trouble from the beginning, I think it is time to let go of some of these strict old rules that I have been keeping that have been slowing me down.

March 7, 2014


40 thoughts on “Acrylic Painting in Progress: tree branch with fresh snow

  1. Really like the painting, how you captured the branches. And a great idea to take photos with your phone as you commute. Guess you never know when you go back through the photos which ones will click with you to bring to life in a painting.

    • that is true, I remember all the photos I took of my backyard koi pond before we had to move, must of took close to 800 shots and lets see maybe fourteen of them came out as painting. I am working all the time so I figured if I didn’t get any shots on the commute I wasn’t going to have anything to paint.

  2. I like the composition. You might consider doing some brighter red reflections. Just a thought. I like your faster working style as well as a possible way of churning out more work, especially if you can infuse it with the same level of content. Though the slower ones will always have their place.

  3. Oooh, very interesting Robert! Painting is so much more fun when we “get out of the way”. I use my Iphone a lot for taking photos and it’s those photos that are inspiring my paintings these days. Our snow is finally melting over here on the west coast. We are finally out of the deep freeze! Yay!

    • oh the deep freeze is going to be upon us for quite a while, thank goodness tomorrow is the last day if February, what a bruising, grueling month it has been and it all started with the worst Super Bowl ever!

  4. Its amazing like all your other wonderful work. I like the switch and that cold is confined to canvas! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Oh! I completed the book cover project and thanks for the encouragement. You can check it out on twitter: @IAmNotListenin

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