Acrylic Green Grass Painting in Progress

green yellow painted design

painting this one helped me get my mind off that lousy Super Bowl

by Robert Conway

I really need for this endless cold, grey and damp winter to be over, mostly because I ran out of source material for my paintings, in other words there are no more digital photos laying around that I can use as subject matter for my artworks. I like to have a lot of color in my paintings, it just makes it a more enjoyable experience for me and using photos shot in the winter most likely means that I am going to be working with a not so cheery and limited palette, so I came up with a rule that I would only paint winter subjects in the summer time because it would be too depressing to be painting winter during winter.

Lets face it, I freaking hate winter, always have, everything outside is brown and dead, the only shots I would be interested in capturing would be freshly fallen snow maybe on a tree or a bush, but unfortunately if the snow is brand new this usually means that I am shoveling it away instead of trying to capture it in pixels. This winter I really had prepared badly, I thought I was all out of images for future paintings until I remembered these cellphone pictures I took on this one beautifully sunny day last summer when my son and I were hanging out on the grass in the shade by our local pool. Now that I think about it, that pool is becoming a great source for subjects for painting, I guess this is because I am always working or commuting or just running around and being at the pool is where I can just catch your breath from all the nasty things out there.

So I recharged this ancient cellphone expecting to find some great shots I had taken on this magnificent day but all I found was this one slightly blurred postage stamp sized photo I took of a clump of grass so I guess that was going to have to do. I just needed something to remind me that there are going to be warmer days again. I must say that I am really enjoying working on this one even though it lacks the orderly type of composition in a painting that I am usually looking for, there is just random chaos in it and it is filled with a fun kinetic energy that I am having a good time with. In the end, even though this acrylic painting is as busy as hell, I think I can turn it into a decent little work of art, not a major one however, but something I can use as ‘filler’ in my next show.

March 22, 2014


26 thoughts on “Acrylic Green Grass Painting in Progress

  1. Come to sunny Cyprus, Robert – here the almond trees are in blossom, wild fennel is growing strongly, the hawthorn and pomegranate trees are breaking out in leaf, our bougainvilleas are producing new shoots and our Aphrodite’s Rose is ready to burst forth with the first flower of 2014. I won’t mind if I never see snow again – my sympathies to you!

    • my goodness, almond trees? Cypress? I was shoveling snow for an hour this morning then had to commute to manhattan during a blizzard, where did I go wrong? Nice to hear from you CC that sounds fabulous. 🙂

  2. I guess you must be a Denver fan…you sure made me laugh. your cool and so are your green…have a good day…thanks for the laugh.what did you think of the halftime show…thought it was energing …heck can’t spell the you can laugh..hehe

    • Yes I am a Denver fan, that game was brutal, I kept going back to the studio to paint and hide, then my wife would call down “Denver is doing better” and by the time I would just sit to watch there would be a Seattle player running for a long touch down, this must of happened like 3 times. great to hear from you Sherri

  3. I’m in Northern California and we are having the beginning of a drought. We have not had hardly any rain this winter and the temps are in the 70’s most of the time, even hit 80 a few days. I miss the winter. BUT we rarely get snow right where we are anyway.

  4. My horse is starting to shed his winter coat already. That must be a good omen for upcoming spring; however, considering I woke up to -4 degrees this morning my dear horse may want to rethink this shedding thing…

  5. I like to think that there is beauty everywhere…it just needs to be seen. The blessing of being an artist is that we get to find that for other people and then reveal it to them…things they would not always see in that way. I like to push the envelope of art that way, and am not always realistic because realism is too expected. Perhaps you can try a new genre of art when you are feeling this way? Just a thought. I have just started doing art again, but I have to say that I have been feeling pretty seasonal…but it is so beautiful. I do understand what you mean about painting from your own work, though. That is something that I would like to do more of…unfortunately, my photography isn’t inspiring either!! Find another source, I say!

  6. And that’s why some of us land in California – the cold and the people who say ‘if you don’t like it, you should leave.’ Excellent suggestion, thought I. 🙂

    Do you not paint imagined/conjured from your memory scenes?

    • thank you, no I don’t paint imagined things from my head, I would love to but I always get in trouble when I try, I guess because the original vision of an imagined piece changes from day to day in my mind and it always winds up in a real conundrum. 🙂

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