Macys Holiday Windows, one of these shots would make a nice painting

holiday artwork for painting

Just taking in the holiday sights on my commute home.

holiday artwork for painting

the believe type kept flashing so I had to time the shot.

holiday artwork for painting

I really like this one, I can see myself painting it, solid composition.

holiday artwork for painting

like the antlers in this one.

holiday artwork for painting

the tree in this window display is really cool.

by Robert Conway

Happy Holidays everyone, this is another post which came about on my trip home, I could just have a blog about detours I take on my way home I guess. It was just so nice out tonight and Herald’s Square is right near my Path station home I could not resist getting a few shots in. Macy’s had a terrific display out this year and I am toying with the idea about doing a holiday themed painting out of one of these digital photos, tell me what you think. Anyhow I have to go do stuff now I just wanted to wish everyone a joyous holiday season, take care – Robert

February 15, 2014


15 thoughts on “Macys Holiday Windows, one of these shots would make a nice painting

    • I think I am going to go for it. I have never painted anything like that and it does look like it would be too difficult. I have been pushing myself a lot lately on the hard ones, I need a couple easier ones thrown into the mix. thanks for getting in touch, Stephen, good luck with that commission. – robert

  1. Thanks for the photos of Macy’s – felt like I was there – and the different angles and views enriched each photo – could feel the crowd – and nice job catching the flashing “believe” word – some day I hope to see the Macy’s for the holidays – but we hardly ever travel at Christmas and New Years – and so I really appreciated these pics. I also noticed a lot of blue in those displays – wonder if they do blue every year. hmmm well it you paint any (as you noted you could or may) well be sure to share the outcome – 🙂

    • they totally change the windows every year, which makes it fun for me since I walk by there all the time. It was such a beautiful night when I shot these, next year I will cover all the other stores on fifth avenue like Lord & Taylor, that was fun. nice to hear from you.

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