The photoshop layout for the acrylic painting “The Pond on the Eighteenth”


having fun with photoshop

by Robert Conway

This is the photoshop digital composite for an acrylic painting that I was commissioned to do a few years back, I never got a good picture of the finished painting, but that is okay, sometimes I like the pre-painting better than the finished piece. I had a lot of fun putting this composition together, I used over twenty different images that I had to digitally compose in order to get the finished results. The main problem I had with putting together this layout was that all the elements were lit with totally different light sources, so end up faking a few things in order to get all the elements to mesh together as a solid unit.

This photoshop painting depicts the carp pond which can be found on the eighteenth hole of the Rye Golf Course, in my home town of Rye, New York. This was one of many fishing holes frequented by my two brothers and myself when we were kids, and now looking back as a koi keeper, I am glad for the fact that we never caught any fish there! There were some huge fish in there too, they would always just swim past whatever bait we threw out leaving a large wake in their path. The first time we went there, my older brother was concerned that if he hooked a big carp it may pull him in, so my younger brother and I were instructed to grab him around the waist as soon as the fishing line went taught, but like I said, this never came to be. This carp pond was definitely off limits to us meddling kids, lets just say we were obviously not members of the club and our interest in actually golfing was absolutely zero, so we always had to keep and eye out for the security goons who used to patrol the course with their golf carts. There was also this old creepy guy who used to go through the bushes with a rake looking for golf balls, he had an axe to grind with us too because we were his only competition in the daily business of finding lost golf balls and reselling them to golfers. This sketchy character earned the name “Old Patch” from us because if you saw him you had to ‘lay a patch’ out of there, this guy had an axe to grind or in his case a rake, needless to say we had an eye out for this cat. This fishing spot was located about 50 yards to the right of the Eighteenth tee, and if a golfer sliced his tee shot you would have to hit the dirt because it was coming your way at high velocity, but other than that a real tranquil setting! This painting depicts my nephews Gavin, Tyler and Ryan, of whom I am sure are not as mischievous as their father and two uncles, maybe. I took some liberties with depicting the pond fish in this painting, I used pictures of my own koi fish, the domestic ones, the real carp were dark and muddy in appearance, they were just too hard to see. And any of you koi collectors out there, there are no hooks at the end of those lines! Those kids have no intention of landing fish that cost thousands of dollars.

March 15, 2014


19 thoughts on “The photoshop layout for the acrylic painting “The Pond on the Eighteenth”

  1. “…my nephews Gavin, Tyler and Ryan, of whom I am sure are not as mischievous as their father and two uncles…” Ha!

    • thank you. painting water and fish just really mellows me out, it is very relaxing. yes I always work out my acrylic paintings out in photoshop because I am using that program all day at my job as a digital retoucher so I like to work with what I know, it is my comfort zone.

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