More details from the acrylic wall painting in the nursery


One of the goldfish from the wall mural, maybe I read too much Dr. Suess as a kid.

by Robert Conway

    Here are some of the other images I dug up of the painted wall mural in my son, Griffin’s nursery, now that I look back at it thirteen years later these images definitely have a little edginess to them that is probably not well suited for a sleeping infant, now wonder he would wake up at all hours of the night!

    I don’t know, I was doing a lot of experimenting with my acrylic painting then and I just kind of made up a lot of the images up on the spot, I also may have been the slightest bit lets say ‘impaired’ during the painting process of this mural and I am sure that has something to do with their final result. The goldfish and the red fire newt where based on these sketches I had made over the years when I was interested in maybe illustrating children’s books rather than painting, however this never came to fruition because I just ended up redrawing the same subjects over and over again and never came up with anything else. Oh well, I like where I am now a whole lot better, that type of illustrative art just kept my wheels spinning, now I do not over stylize anything, I just try to paint what I see before me and this works out better because in this way I never run into that brick wall mentally like I did with my illustration. Just the same, I like them and all but I can gauge in them how much I have improved with my painting and how much more in control I feel when I am doing my artwork.


I like this little bugger.

February 15, 2014


3 thoughts on “More details from the acrylic wall painting in the nursery

  1. These are great! We have always lived in rentals and haven’t been allowed to paint the walls anything we want, which I wish I could have done, but actually, I don’t think I was good enough to paint what my daughter would have wanted back then anyway, which was a jungle with elephants! 😉

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