Photoshop Illustration: Digital Stained Glass


a blast from the past

By Robert Conway

Well this was a nice surprise. I found this while I was going through and old pile of CDs looking for something else, I had totally forgot that I had made this thing way back in the twentieth century, when I was working from an old version of Adobe Photoshop that did not have layers! they were not invented yet, can you imagine? I remember how this started, I was working as an art director in Chelsea(NY) at this small entertainment agency and I had to make this star burst for one of our ads so I was messing around with the twirl distort option in Adobe Illustrator and I came up with the basic structure of the design. All the filled in parts were from this photoshop texture I had procured from the style guide of one of our clients, that is my favorite thing about this piece it was all done on the job, ‘earn while you earn’ a friend of mine used to say. Anyhow during the 1990s I was dead set on doing digital illustrations and I am happy with the results but they were no fun to do and the illustrations took forever to finish, I remember burning the midnight oil just clicking away with that mouse, it wasn’t until 2002 that I started to give painting a try which is just a more enjoyable activity. Now I would not have the patience for that type of work.

March 7, 2014


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