Acrylic Painting: The Floating Goldfish – A Detail from a wall mural I painted


One of the seven goldfish images from the nursery mural.

by Robert Conway

Periodically in this blog I am going to slip in details from of the pond themed wall painting that I painted in my son’s nursery from like fourteen years ago. I have recently found an old compact disc filled with pictures I took of this mural that I thought was lost forever, it is a good thing too, this is my only record of this artwork because our former landlord white washed the whole room the second we vacated the premises! how is that for a harsh critique? I mean don’t let the door hit you on the way out! . .  but I digress. I am really quite fond of this art project because they are from the time when I was starting to develop my skills as a painter, and they have this naive, unrefined quality to them that kind of reminds me of American folk art. I made up everything in my head for this assignment which is something that I would never do now, the irony of this all is that a few months after I painted this we moved into a new apartment with a beautiful koi pond full of fish in the back yard, so from then on I had plenty of source material to work from.<

March 7, 2014


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