Digital Art Composition: Ghost Koi in the Morning


My favorite koi fish is the star of this digital painting.

by Robert Conway

    This colorful piece is a digital manipulation I composed in Adobe Photoshop using with 3 high resolution images I shot with my camera one misty morning while I was feeding the large koi fish in my backyard water garden. Once again I used my favorite subject, the white alabaster koi that I had named “Platinum’, this fish always photographed well, the form of it’s body had this wonderful sculptural quality and the light used to reflect of his scales to give off the effect that he was glowing. This digital painting was inspired from this book I had lying around for years about classic Japanese sumi-e ink painting, I have always loved that freewheeling painting style and I thought this was a good time as any to give it a whirl in one of my own compositions.

    The difficult part of putting this one together was having to clone out all of the reflections of my apartment building in the water which this forced me to make up some of the visual elements like a lot of the branches in the foreground to cover up some of these glaring errors.
    Now originally this artwork was going to be an oil painting, however the digital composition came out so good I decided to make prints out of it ‘as is’ since painting it would have been very time consuming and I was not looking forward to doing all that delicate shading, so I just decided to save myself from that kind of heartache, why complicate things?

March 7, 2014


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