Digital Illustration: White Rabbits


    Before I started painting I first dabbled a bit of with digital illustration. Since I was already experienced in the mastery of Adobe Photoshop from my day job as an art directorI found this a good way to experiment with all the image manipulation tricks I learned from punching the clock all day. And as I can recall I did this rabbit illustration with an early version of Photoshop that did not have layers, they were not even invented at the time so it was a pretty challenging endeavor. This Illustration was developed from a series of drawings I did when I got out of art school, these sketches never worked quite right and it wasn’t until I started to alter them digitally that they made any sense. One of the things I had fun with in this style of digital painting was that I would incorporate all these digital textures I used to collect with my camera into the images, In this case I went a little overboard with the grass. I must say looking back that I do prefer actually painting over digital imaging, working out some crazy brush strokes beats clicking away with the mouse any day. March 7, 2014

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