Koi Painting: Yellow Carp in Green _ 2002 _ Acrylic on canvas


This is a huge canvas 48 x 36 inches. Its a keeper we have it hanging in the den.

by Robert Conway

This is the second painting that I started after we moved into the duplex Hoboken apartment with the backyard koi pond  with the huge fish. This is also around the time where I figured out my formula of figuring everything out in an Adobe Photoshop layout first before I started a painting, in this way I would have a greater idea as to how the painting would look like at the end. This method would save me from a lot of guesswork down the road and made the task of finishing a painting a lot less daunting.

March 12, 2014


12 thoughts on “Koi Painting: Yellow Carp in Green _ 2002 _ Acrylic on canvas

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and for sharing your creative journey with us on yours. I also really enjoy painting koi (carp) and the story of how you are developing as an Artist is very interesting. I think this Yellow Carp in Green is one of my favorites. I like the leaves shapes, the positive and negative painting and the semi-surreal affect, as well as the subtle highlights. I can see why this one is a keeper.

    • tj – thanks for the complement! it is all ways great to meet another koi painter. painting koi is just so relaxing isn’t it? no hard edges. I really love your “Mana Ashida” painting, you really hit it out of the ball park with that one. great stuff. – robert

    • yes me too, the whole reason I started painting was because my wife and I moved into this nice apartment years ago that had a beautiful koi fish pond in the backyard, I just got so inspired I went out and bought some paints and canvases and started painting. thanks for stopping by – robert

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