A Brief Introduction from a self-taught painter

By Robert Conway

Welcome to my new blog, I am in the very early stages of designing and arranging it so please bear with me, I just started this as a whim and I am going to wing it and hopefully have fun as I go along. I am happy to now be using WordPress as my blogging platform, I used to have this other site dedicated to acrylic painting, Under the Orange Lamp on Google’s Blogger but there were a slew of issues dealing with a lot of SEO stuff that I just could not  fix, I have been told by many people who have used WordPress that you have a lot more control over you blog’s performance, so here I am, I hope it all works out.

March 7, 2014


9 thoughts on “A Brief Introduction from a self-taught painter

    • Thanks Mollie, I like your blog very much, like my introduction said I used blogger for 8 months and I only got like 3 comments the whole, it was like whistling in a graveyard. I like it so much better here on wordpress. 🙂 robert

    • oh yes Patsy, having a blog on blogger was like solitary confinement, I never heard from anyone. the reason I went there first was because google made it so I thought they had everything worked out. there were also all these different errors I got on that old blog that no one knew how to fix, so stressful, anyhow, its nice to meet you – robert

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